We're changing the way girls SEE each other and themselves

A Powerful Collaboration with Photographer Christin Rose of the #ShePlaysWeWin Photo Project

#ShePlaysWeWin is a photo project by acclaimed photographer, Christin Rose.  It's a dynamic and visual showcase of the positive power of sport and fitness on a young woman's self-confidence and its lasting effects throughout her life.  

Together, we're joining forces to award $20,000 in financial grants to up to 20 girls of economically-disadvantaged communities with high incidences of health-risk behaviors.  The goal is to uncover, support and document the powerful journey of girls as  as they take charge of their bodies through sport and fitness, sometimes for the very first time.

Apply for a #ShePlaysWeWin Grant.  Financial grants are awarded to:

  • Girls nationwide between the ages of 8 - 16, paying particular attention to those in underserved communities who have limited access to health, fitness and sports programming
  • Each grant awarded is designed to support sports and other physical activity programs that are either new to the recipient or expand on her existing participation in the sport
  • Grants may be used for sports instruction, athletic equipment, athletic apparel and coaching/mentorship and it may only be used for girls' sports/physical activity programs